Detailed information about the Latvian transport and logistics sector can be found in the Presentation below:

Current presentation

Latvia is an ideal place for organizing logistics between the markets of the European Union, Asia and other continents. Multimodal transport corridors cross the territory of Latvia both from East to West and from North to South. The main flow of cargo, mainly transit, moves from East to West through Latvian ports - connecting Asian countries not only with Western Europe, but with the whole world.

Ports, railways, road carriers, customs warehouses and brokers, logistics centers, as well as shipping agents, freight forwarders and oil and petroleum product pipeline operators provide efficient and competitive services. The transport logistics sector provides a third part of the export of services in the national economy of Latvia. Therefore this sector attracts special attention both at the government and company level.

In 2023, Latvian ports handled a total of almost 38.7 million tons of cargo. Regular ferry traffic connects Latvia with Swedish and German ports. Container lines carry out container transportation with many other Baltic Sea ports and further ports in the European Union. 

The railway system provides Asian countries with direct access to Latvian ports in the European Union. Railway transportation in Latvia is very important - in 2023, more than 15.6 million tons were transported by rail. The most important road, railway routes, ports and airports are included in the European Union Trans - European transport network TEN-T.  Latvian transit corridors are also well recognized in other international formats: the United Nations (UN), the main transport artery AGR (The European Agreement on main international traffic arteries) road network, rail network AGC (The European Agreement on Main International Railway Lines), the international combined transport Network AGTC (European Agreement on Important International Combined Transport Lines and Related Installations), Eurasian transport corridors EATL (The Euro Asian Transport Links) and OSJD (the Organization for Cooperation Between Railways) networks.