Veterinary Countrol

The list of products and animals subject to Veterinary border control is contained in such legislation:

•    Commission Implementing Decision  - 2012/31/EU
•    Commission Decision 2007/275/EC - with 01.01.2012 valid only Annex II

Notification procedures for cargoes subject to veterinary control and issue of common veterinary import document shall be governed by the following legislation:

•    for products – Regulation (EC) 136/2004 of the European Commission from 22 January 2004 for veterinary control procedures at border control points for products from the third countries.
•    For animals – European Commission 2004.gada 18.februāra Regulation (EC) 282/2004 of European Commission of 18 February 2004 for notification procedures and veterinary checks of animals from third countries, entering the Community.

Enterprises involved in food circulation in Latvia (including, food transfer across the State border, storage, refrigeration) must be recognized or registered at Food and Veterinarian Service under Provisions No 104 "Order of Recognition and Registration of Food Enterprises” of the Cabinet of Ministers from 02.02.2010".

Customs warehouses and warehouses in free zones, in which operations are conducted with third country products of animal origin (transit), must meet the requirements of Article 12 of European Council Directive 97/78 / EC of 18 December 1997; they must be recognized by the Food and Veterinary Service.

Cargo transit is only allowed from such third countries from which import is authorized in the European Community.

Cargo handling is governed by (4 April 2011) Commission Implementing Decision 2011/215 / EU, by which Council Directive 97/78 / EC is implemented with regard to   transhipments of such product import at border control point, which are intended for import into the EU or to the third countries.

Information about:
•    FVS veterinary control

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