Non-Food Product Safety Control

Non-food goods border control task is not to allow the import of harmful, dangerous, low-quality and unsafe products harmful to consumers` health and lives imported from third countries (countries outside the European Union countries).

Importing non-food goods from the third countries, FVS evaluates their conformity to demands of normative acts. Non-food products subject to border control are as follows:

• Humanitarian medicine
• Medical goods for human and animal consumption, that with medicinal products make up one unit
• Medicines used in veterinarian medicine

Food Veterinary Service does not perform non-food product safety control for export and transit cargos to the third countries.

The control of human and veterinary medicine of the third country origin is performed at FVS checkpoints that at the same time are the first points of entry / border crossing points with the EU and third countries.

Humanitarian and veterinary medicinal products may be disseminated by the merchant, who in accordance with the laws and regulations has a special permit (license) for importing medicines. Before medicinal cargo import in Latvia, the importer has to register:

• At the Food and Veterinary Service, if veterinary medicine is imported
• At the State Agency of Medicines for humanitarian medicine import

The fee for control is charged pursuant to Regulations 1083 of the Cabinet of Ministers "Payment Procedure for the Food and Veterinary Service National Surveillance and Control Activities and Fee-based Services" Annex 3, paragraph 2 of 08/10/2013.

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