Food Safety Control

The target of food safety control is not to allow import of production harmful and dangerous to the consumers` health and lives from the third countries (states that are not the European Union States).

Importing food products from the third states, FVS evaluates food products safety, conformity of classification, quality and marking (including geographic notes and protected designation names) to demands of normative acts. Following products are covered by food safety control:
1) Additives
2) Food flavourings
3) Materials and subjects that come into contact with food  
4) Infant and young children`s food
5) Sugar and salt
6) Alcoholic and soft drinks
7) Drinking water and mineral water
8) Food supplements
9) Diet food
10) New food
11) Genetically modified food

Food and Veterinarian Service does not perform food safety control for export and transit cargos to the third countries.
Importing cargos covered by food safety control in Latvia:
•    The importer of food and materials provided for the contact with food, must register at Food and Veterinary Service under  the (3) part of Article 5 of the Law on "Food Circulation Supervision" from 19.02.1998  and Point 29 of MC Provisions No 808 "Provisions on material and Products provided for contact with Food "  from 19.10.2011.
•    At least 24 hours before the planned provision to the FVS at that FVS control point through which the cargo is provided to be imported the cargo importer must send the advanced report.
•    Order of advanced reporting
•    Common import document of animal food that is not the food of animal origin

For determined food products from the third countries in connection with a high risk of pollution are applied increased import control or special caution events (third country produce pre-export control, produce certification and sample taking), see below „Special provisions that regulates import of different food products in Latvia and European Community”

Charge for control is collected in accordance with  Provisions of the CM of 08.10.2013 No1083 "Order in which the payment for Food and Veterinarian Service State Supervision and control operations and payment services is made".

Additional information about:
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