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Performing customs control, customs institutions make sure whether the goods, being transferred across EU customs border, are applied with certain “customs procedure”. “Customs procedures” include:
•    release for free circulation;
•    special procedures (see further);
•    export and re-export.
Free zones and free warehouses are demarcated EU customs territory parts where imported non-union goods are deemed as existing outside EU customs territory (if they are not released for free circulation; customs procedures are not applied for them or also they have not been used in the free zone).
(1) Release for free circulation is customs procedure that allows non-union goods imported in EU customs territory to obtain the status of Union goods.

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(2) Export is customs procedure that allows exporting Union goods from EU customs territory.


(3) Re-export is customs procedure that allows importing non-union goods out of the EU customs territory.
Special customs procedures are provided to perform actions with goods for which implementation a separate permission of Customs institution must be obtained. The description of special procedures is given in the next chapter.
Source of graphic schemes: Customs Service of Germany
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