Nowadays the owner of the goods is not sufficient only by bringing the goods from one place to another. He needs the most advantageous solution for the goods supply. This includes appliance of the different modes of transportation, forwarding, customs and other formalities, insurance, storage, representing the interests of the client and a number of other operations. This is generally called logistics. Latvian has old tradition in the field of transit and Latvian specialists are able to offer the most favourable solutions for any customer.

The main activities are:

     • deliveries to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and a number of other CIS countries;
     • arrangement of goods according the specific requirements of Russia and other countries
     • the storage, sorting, assembly, processing to the EU market

In Latvia in this business operates both - local as well as internationally recognized logistic companies. Basically, they are joined in two professional associations:
            • Latvian Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association (LAFF)
            • Latvian Logistics Association (LLA). 

A large infrastructure of warehouses and logistics centres and services are developed.

An important part to freight logistics is the carriage of goods, compilation, packaging, handling and processing. These activities are close to the industrial production and the most important partner, providing development of industrial parks and confederates the most important industrial parks are the Latvian Association of industrial parks.

National logistics promotion has defined the priority - the development of Latvia as a center of goods distribution and dissemination.

Latvia has all the necessary basic conditions:
      •    an ideal location - in the center of Baltic countries,
      •    the most direct route from the Baltic Sea to Moscow
      •    single rail system with Russia and CIS
      •    experienced carriers
      •    excellent ferry connections
      •    large infrastructure of warehouses
      •    beneficial VAT regime
      •    discounts on customs guarantees
      •    knowledge of the languages

     Options to develop Logistics and distribution centers building options

There are still great opportunities to build new logistics and distribution parks and government strongly supports the creation of the logistics parks, where of new added value of goods and the creation of new jobs are created. The best sites for new logistics parks are in ports and major transit hubs in Rezekne, Krustpils, Daugavpils and Jelgava.


Latvian tax and customs clearance system provides the most favourable conditions in the region:
•    Export of goods from the European Union to the CIS countries
•    Imports of goods from the CIS or Asian countries to the European Union market
•    Goods in transit from third countries (USA, China, etc.) to Russia and other CIS countries

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