Liquid bulk cargo in port of Ventspils (thsd.t)

ventspils lejamkravas

Liquid cargo made up 58% of the total cargo turnover at Ventspils Freeport and in 2016 it amounted to 10.93 million tons. Oil products were the key group of products in this segment. In the area of liquid cargo in Ventspils port, there are nine berths that are 11.5m to 17.5m deep. These berths allow to service AFRAMAX ships with 150,000 DWT.


One of the leading and technologically most developed oil and oil product transit companies in the Baltic Sea region. The capacity of reservoir is more than 1 million m3 where the clients can store their products if it is not possible to load them to ships or to wait for more favourable weather conditions. The company has 105 storage reservoirs. The company offers its clients to perform chemical testing of oil and oil products at the company’s laboratory.
Maximum annual transshipment amounts:
-        light oil products: up to 2,000,000 tons;
-        chemical products: up to 200,000 tons;
-        biodiesel and raw materials for production: up to 150,000 tons;
-        ammonia: up to 1,200,000 tons.

AS “Ventbunkers”

The company is engaged in transshipment of light and dark oil products, as well as provides forwarding services and purification of ballast and waste water. The company has 11 diesel storage reservoirs with the total capacity of 200,000m3 and 17 storage reservoirs for mazut with the total capacity of 150,000m3. The company’s railway system allows servicing 108 railway tanks simultaneously. Transshipment capacity 7 million tons per year.


AS “Ventamonjaks”

The terminal owns infrastructure and equipment for storage and transshipment of liquid chemical products. The infrastructure of AS “Ventamonjaks” is mainly used by SIA “Ventall Terminals” and SIA “Ventamonjaks Serviss”, pouring out ammonia, oil and chemical products and storing those in the reservoirs, as well as performing quality modification, setting cargo batches and loading in tankers, as well as arranging the necessary documents.


Baltic Juice terminal

Terminal provided for transshipment of different food liquid cargo that is 3ha large with 11m deep berths provided for tankers with load capacity up to 42,000 DWT.
The terminal is able to transship more than 100,000 MT of different food liquid cargo per year.  The company is equipped with a stainless steel reservoir with the capacity of 8,500m3  for storage of goods, for loading/discharge platforms of motor vehicles/railway, warming up, mixing and equipment provided to fill up/empty barrels, weighing platform, a modern laboratory, and a certified freezer warehouse that complies with the European Commission ((EC) No. 853/2004) (1,800m2).


The company is engaged in transporting liquid chemical products, acrylic nitrile.

Ventall Termināls

The company accepts, stores and loads light oil products. The terminal is able to process up to 2,000,000 tons per year. The terminal owns seven reservoirs (2x3,000m3, 5x20,000m3) with the total capacity of 106,000m3, as well as three railway tank platforms with 66 spaces provided to pour out the tanks. Two deep berths can service ships with the load capacity of 40 DWT and 60 DWT.

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