Dry bulk cargo in port of Ventspils (thsd.t)

ventspils beramkravas

Dry bulk makes up 29% of the total cargo turnover at Ventspils Freeport, in 2016, dry bulk amounted to 5.41 million EUR. The key groups of products in this segment include chemical dry bulk (mineral fertilisers), coal and woodchip.

Baltic Coal Terminal

A closed type of coal terminal with the total capacity of 6 million tons per year. The closed type technologies are provided to reduce environmental pollution and these latest technical solutions are used for the first time in the Baltic region. The closed warehouse at the terminal provides space for storage of 210,000 tons of coal. AS “Baltic Coal Terminal” is able to service the largest ships that can enter the Baltic Sea, ships with the load capacity up to 120,000 tons.

Dzintaru street 39B, Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia;  phone: +371 636 34 000, fax:  +371 636 34 001, e-mail: 

Kālija parks

One of the largest transshipment terminals of mineral fertilisers in Europe. At the berths of the terminal, two  PANAMAX type ships with the load capacity of 75 000 DWT can be serviced simultaneously. The total storage capacity of warehouses is 120,000 tons and in future it is planned to increase it by 70,000 tons.

Dzintaru street 41, Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia; phone: +371 6360 7232; e-mail:


Ventspils tirdzniecības osta

The company specialises in transshipment of general cargo and dry bulk, including coal, iron ore, peat, grain, raw sugar, cast iron, splinter, timber granules, timber chips, metal and iron alloys, non-ferrous metals, timber, food cargo, and containers. 120,000 m2 large open and 52,000 m2 large closed warehouses can provide storage room for 500,000 tons of cargo.

Dzintaru street 22, Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia; phone: +371 6366 8706; e-mail:

Ventspils Grain Terminal

A specialised in grain storage and transshipment terminal with the capacity of 72,000 tons and annual throughput of 1,500,000 tons. The terminal berth (total length 280m, depth 14.5m) ensures loading operations can be performed on the PANAMAX type ships. Ship loading intensity exceeds 1,000 tons per hour.

Dzintaru street 15, Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia; phone: +371 6366 8802; e-mail:;



One of the leading stevedoring companies in the Baltic Sea ports providing transshipment services of pulpwood, woodchip, rocks and peat.  The key regions of operations of Ventplac include ports of the Baltic and North Sea in Scandinavia, Germany and United Kingdom. Ventplac specialises in storage and transshipment of round timber its products and other dry bulk and it is a significant part of the logistics chain of the Scandinavian celuloses producers.

Since 2014, Ventplac has been operating at the 12ha large Dry Bulk Terminal. The infrastructure of the terminal include two berths (7.1m deep and 130m long), as well as mixed type surface covering 12.9ha large field with motor vehicles and railway access roads. The terminal’s capacity is 800,000 tons per year, it is provided for the Minibulkers type ships (up to 10,000 tons DW).

Rūpniecības street 25,  Ventspils LV-3601, Latvia; phone: +371 6362 2388; e-mail:;

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