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Since 1 May 2004 when Latvia acceded to the European Union – the territory of the Republic of Latvia has become part of the EU customs area. Internal customs borders among EU Member States have been removed which means that customs clearance of goods on the Latvian - Lithuanian and Latvian - Estonian border is no longer carried out. Customs control is performed only at the external borders of the EU, on the borders of Latvian with Russia and –with Belarus, as well as in ports, airports and inland customs offices. Freight transit processing is considerably simplified – only one transit document (customs declaration) is needed, which is valid throughout the EU customs territory. Only on the external borders of the EU veterinary, phytosanitary and safety control formalities are done for transit cargos. Cargo that has been examined once entering the EU territory is not controlled when re-crossing the border of another Member State. Customs formalities for transit cargo are carried out only at the external border checkpoints of the European Union. In Latvian ports customs formalities are significantly reduced for mainly transit cargoes are being formed at ports of another EU Member States. Value-added and excise tax relief are applied only in the free ports for transit cargoes and goods, which are imported with the application of appropriate customs regimes. The Latvian transport infrastructure, geographic location and service tariffs are the main transit advantages over other EU transit routes.

Under the terms of the Schengen Agreement there are no border controls for EU citizens in the EU Member States.

Since 21 December 2007 when Latvia joined the Schengen area no border control of persons are performed at the existing border control points on the internal borders with Lithuania and Estonia and Latvian ports. In 30 March 2008 border control of people was terminated also in the airports.


Border crossing points

List of the customs border points of the Republic of Latvia (2015)

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